Monday, October 4, 2010

Today was the big ultrasound, and we're having a...!

We decided that finding out can wait, at least for now.  There's an element of surprise that is nice, and we feel like it takes some of the pressure off of picking a name...for now anyway.

No issues with the calendar today.  We arrived on time, and then waited for almost 15 minutes...which really didn't make me very happy knowing that when we were 15 minutes late, the appointment got canceled, but they can be accommodating when the delay is on their side.

Afer it was all said and done, the lady who did the ultrasound says it looks like the due date estimate of the last week of February is right on track, so they're not adjusting anything in regards to expected delivery time (I know Aaron has money on the 24th...)

So, without further our Lil' Shrimp swim around for a bit:

They gave us a few pictures, too.