Saturday, January 22, 2011

With a little more than 4 and a half weeks to go...

OK, which one of you jokers forgot to tell me about how hard it is to pick out a name for your child? :)

We've narrowed our list for both genders down to about 75 name combinations each...

You want something unique, but not dumb.

You want something original, but not "invented."

You want it to sound good when you say it out loud, especially when you have to yell it. :)

You want it to sound important, just in case your little one becomes the President some day.

You don't want the initials to spell out any dirty words.

You don't want to choose something that the other kids will turn into a tease.

You don't want to pick something that will make your teenage child hate you (any more than they already will.)

Our goal is to get it down to 10 options for each sex by the time the big day arrives.  The list get's nicely cut in half once the baby is born.  Hopefully choosing from the remaining 10 will be easy.

"Welcome to the world ?????"