Sunday, February 6, 2011

My heart is broken...

I lost my best friend of over 15 years yesterday.  She was taken from this Earth far too early.  Knowing that she is resting is Jesus loving care doesn't begin to address the emptiness and hurt that I feel today.

MLive News Report about our accident

Article about our daughter

Brown Floral reaction

Our daughter, Miranda Evangelene Cole, was "delivered" at 2:17PM, about 45 minutes after the crash.  She did not have a heart beat.  She was not breathing.  The doctors were able to start her heart and get her on ventalation.  She was then rushed to Mott's Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI.

I fear that our time with Miranda may be short.  I know that hundreds, if not thousands of people are praying for her, and for a miracle, today.  It will take a miracle...

Even with the positives that the doctors keep reporting, the one thing that everything hinges on is brain activity, which Miranda is showing little to none of as we near the 24 hour mark.  The neurologists haven't been in yet, but the pediatric doctors are worried that the neurologists finding won't be any different than their own.

If Miranda doesn't show any improvement by 7:30PM Tuesday evening, it's likely that we'll have to say goodbye to her, too.

I truly appreciate the love that's been expressed to my and Sara's family during this trajedy.  We have felt the touch of angels and yet still find ourselves struggling with the reality of what has happened and what may be yet to come.

My heart is broken, please pray for Miranda.  Please pray for a miracle.  She's a beautiful little girl, and she's fighting, but she needs more help than what the doctors can give her.

Chad Cole