Saturday, June 19, 2010

Two pink lines....

I'm not going to lie, I'm still in shock.

After 16 months of trying, we finally got two pink lines on a pregnancy test. We're both happy, but I honestly think we're both in shock. At this point, you really almost feel relief more than anything, I'm sure other emotions will flood in over the next few days, but tonight it's enough to cuddle up together, sleep sweetly, and hope for the best.


  1. This is an amazing moment in life. I know this is a difficult time. But, something told you to start this blog. Be thankful for it you will always be able to look back on your little miracle. AGain Keep your head up and treasure the few days you have had with your beautiful angel. I bet she is adorable.
    This blog is an inspiration to others. We thank you for keeping with it even in your time of turmoil. I cried as read through your stories. Amazing and God Bless.

  2. What a blessing you starting this journal 8 months ago.
    I hope you continue to use it and when the time comes, look back on it to see how far you have come.

    I am no one. Just a stranger who stumbled upon a news story. Your news story. For some reason it has touched me in a way I can not explain. I'm a stranger grieving for your loss.
    If ever you need a stranger to listen to you, look up my little blog, and contact me.

  3. Chad,

    As a father of 3 beautiful teenage daughters, your story touched me in such a way. We miscarried our first child at 5 months and as traumatic as it was, my oldest daughter was the result of trying again and I wouldn't change it for anything. Hers and my special song is Tears In Heaven in memory of her big brother. One day the three of you will be reunited. I coach gymnastics for Jackson High School and our meet Saturday is dedicated to you, Miranda and Sara.

    God Bless and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. I am speechless....I was sent your link on 2/7/11 1 wk after the birth of my friends baby...her baby and her both had their lives on the line and i hurt for her sister and it was at that time her sister just days before was telling me she wanted to come back to a relationship with God. She floated between when her sister and her baby were having problems, but i continued to witness to her. Your story has helped the mom and baby feel your experience and how close they come and with out knowing God. This story and experience of yours is going to help you witness to others....not just those experiencing what you are going thru or where you have been, but anyone needing to know how to hold on and press thru...your story made me listen and re-listen to the song "always" by building 429....always hold on because HE is always there. Press on Chad....dont lose hope.

  5. Chad i don't know you in the flesh, but in spirit I can feel for you, I can't say i know how you feel, for I have never been where you are, But I know that there is some one that you can lean on in your time of grief, His name is Jesus, He can comfort you through it all, I am so sorry for your loss, and may God rest His mighty hand upon you, and give you peace of mind.

  6. Chad,
    I am just another person who is silently mourning for you. I am a youth director at a church and we were discussing the different kinds of love. One of my youth asked if you can love someone you don't know. Absolutely. The youth then said, "I love that man who we have been praying for. I wish I could take even just a little of his hurting away."

    We have been, and will continue to lift you in prayer. When things quiet down, and realities creep in...we will still be praying for you. We are so sorry for your loss. May God bring you peace, strength, and hope.


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