Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Give me a beat boys...

We'll, we had out second official doctor's visit today.  It was short and sweet to say the least.  30+ minutes of waiting in the lobby for a 10 minute visit.  The payoff was worth it though...we got to hear the heartbeat of our child again :)

We also set the date for the ultrasound, 4 weeks from today, on September 29.  The big question is: do we want to know or not (the gender of course)?  I have a feeling we might not make up our minds until just prior to going to the appointment.

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  1. 2B OR NOT 2B -- in the suspence that is. or should I say surpised when it comes? Do you like to shake your presents on Christmas Eve or open them? Do you like to play guessing games? Do you want to read only half of the Baby Names Book? Do you want to look at only half of the possible colors--of pink or blue? Or yellow in case of one of each? Mom and Dad Fisher


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