Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to miracle Tuesday...

Dear Miranda,

It's me, daddy. I'm not even sure where to begin.

Today is a big day! One way, or another, thousands are praying that God will be glorified through your life. You've had a bigger impact on this world in your 3 short days than some of us have over the course of decades.

Daddy needs to be honest with you, I'm selfish. I don't want to think that your going to be with mommy and Jesus is an option. I want you right here. I don't want to ask God for a miracle, I want to demand one. I want Him to feel like he owes me this.

Your doctors here on Earth have been very kind and compassionate. They've made it clear that there's little more they can do. I appreciate all of their hard work, dedication, and expertise. I've made it clear to them that I'm working with a Physician who has done things they'll never dream of. A Physician who works 24/7. A Physician who will make you whole again, either here or in Heaven. This is where that selfishness comes into play, I want it to be here. I need it to be here.

It's still early in the day. The doctors and nurses are changing shifts, so it's a little chaotic around here right now. I find peace in the tranquil little space by your bed.

You will be surrounded today. Surrounded by family and friends. Surrounded by angels and prayer. Surrounded by God's love and care. But let's be clear, I want to surround you and keep you for myself.

I love you, more than I could have imagined,

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