Sunday, May 29, 2011


Dear Sara,

The Visser clan gathers today, on the western banks of the Atlantic Ocean, for several days of family fellowship. It's difficult to describe the feelings associated with this. Seeing everyone will be good and fun. Seeing everyone will also be very difficult...a full house that feels empty because your voice and laughter aren't going to be there intermingling with the rest.

A soft sadness covers me today, seeping into every thought and emotional crack and crevice.

I love you. I miss you. I always will.



  1. I'm from west mi and I remember hearing about this accident. It breaks my heart. There isn't much to say, other than I am soooo sorry for your loss(es) and I pray that each day brings healing and some day you are able to find happiness again.

  2. Chad...I found after my husband passed away that time with family was healing. It wasn't the same...never will be but I was able to feel deep love in the midst of those who loved me most. And we started making new memories. They don't replace the old...but they do continue my life here and now which I needed. It's been four years for me and that description of a soft sadness in your blog is a good way to describe how I have often felt. I've always believed though that I would rather feel something even if it was painful rather than to go numb. I choose to remember, choose to feel, choose to cry...choose to believe that love continues even when we are worlds apart. I choose to believe that the one connection my husband and I have at this point is God. He's face to face...I'm not...but as I connect with God I also connect with Mark.
    Anyway...I hope your time with your family is healing in some way, that your time by the ocean is meaningful and restful and that you continue to live fully while you continue to feel deeply.


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