Thursday, October 27, 2011

First kiss...

Dear Sara,

It was 16 years ago today...Friday, October 27, 1995. 

You had asked me to go to Homecoming with you. You, the shy girl, beat me to the punch by just a few minutes...I would have asked were so pretty and I just needed a few more minutes to work up the gumption. I'm glad you asked. :)

We went to the Homecoming dinner. I remember waiting for you in the lounge, so nervous, almost giddy. You came down from your room wearing a beautiful little black dress. The night went by so fast, and yet so slowly. I remember going to the after dinner party in downtown Jackson. We watched a movie...sort of. We went for a carriage ride through the city streets...and talked about us. We'd been spending a lot of time together...friends were buzzing about whether or not we were "a thing." We walked around the downtown area for a while after the carriage ride. I asked you if you liked the thought of "us." You said, "yes." Your eyes sparkled so beautifully, you were so modest and shy. We held hands, walking close together, our joy fighting the late October chill.

We drove back to Spring Arbor and hung out in the lounge a little while longer, but not too late. I remember it was getting close to midnight and we were both getting tired. You walked outside with me, as I was walking to my car...we stopped as we got to the end of the dorm...we said good night...and I kissed you...and you kissed me. Our first kiss. It's the only first kiss I remember so vividly. I floated home that night...alive with joy and excitement.

I miss your kisses. So soft, delicate, passionate, so full of life.

I love you. I miss you. Give Miranda a kiss from daddy.



  1. I recently saw a friend of mine, who's husband passed away in March of this year. She brought him into our conversation several times, and it was so refreshing to hear about him. I really felt like she was sharing him with me, and it was an honor. Just like I feel in this post, thank you for sharing your precious moments with your wife with us. Sending much prayers of comfort your way.

  2. I just spent the last hour reading through your story. I don't want to sadden you now with my grief, for I've been crying the entire hour, I just want to tell you that you are being prayed for. That someone out in Utah is thinking about you and your wife and your daughter at this moment, and someone is praying for you and supporting you. You have given me hope. All I know of you is the postings here, and yet it is enough to show me that you are a strong person and a good person. Your daughter is beautiful. Your wife is beautiful and your marriage is a testament of love. Thank you for your courage.

  3. I think of you on a daily basis Chad. That tattoo is amazing. Memories not only deep in your heart and soul but openly declared on you for all to see. God bless. x


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