Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daddy's little girl...

Dear Miranda,

Three days wasn't enough. It will never be enough. You're always with me in my heart. You're always on my mind.

I went on a trip this past weekend, down to Atlanta. I went to the aquarium and saw all sorts of neat fish and wonderful creatures. I went for a walk in their beautiful park. I saw all the other families having fun; the mommies and daddies pushing their babies in their strollers. Daddy's heart hurts so bad.

I miss you.  I love you.  Give mommy a kiss from daddy.


You'll be my special girl...always.


  1. Wishing your heart didn't have to ache in that way. Praying for you, still....

  2. Brought buckets of tears to my eyes just "trying" to feel your pain. I can't even begin to imagine. I pray for good things to come your way. Keep.. keeping on.....

  3. Great Ink Chad! I have one very much like that for my angel baby, but its on my back. You've inspired me to finish it (Only have the feet so far and some writing so far). Gone, but never forgotten.


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